LG QHD QN600 IPS LED Monitor Review

LG QHD (2560 x 1440) 27 Inch IPS Monitor
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Serious Screen Problems
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LG is very popular and reputated brand in India. It’s know fro their good quality and after sale service in India. LG has very popular after Sony and Samsung in TV/Monitor market. And many peoples trust their products. Today in this article i’m going to review LG QN600 monitor which launched recently in India. I have 27 inch 2K monitor with HDR 10, 99% sRGB AMD Free sync support. So let’s get started…

LG QN600 monitor is not specially made for gaming purpose. It has only 75Hz refresh rate. This monitor is for content creator and professionals who want a best monitor in this budget which is color accurate, high resolution, and a big screen.

Built Quality

Built quality of this monitor is good. Body is made up of plastic, and stand is made up of plastic and metal. But body has sharp edges and it can hurt you if you hold this monitor. There is only tilt adjustment on this monitor which i feel is not suffecient for my uses. On back you can find a screw hold for VESA mount. Overall built quality is good.


LG QN600 has 27/32 inch IPS 2k (2560 x 1440) Display. Display supports HDR 10, AMD Free sync, and has sRGB 99%, 75hz refresh rate. So this is not a dedicated gaming monitor but you can play games in 75hz and this panel also support G-Sync and Free Sync. Plane has 350 nits of pick brightness, and has anti glare coating so you can use this monitor on vary bright place. Color looks good and natural on this monitor. After changing some position colours look fade because of ips glow on my unit but after research i found that this issue is on all 27 inch units (27QN600). So black looks not black. And panel not goes to 75hz, It stick to only 60hz on 1440p. For 75hz you need to switch it 1080p. And some units have many serious issues so i can’t recommend it for professionals.



LG QN600 has 4 ports on back (1 DP, 2 HDMI, and 1 Audio port). 1DP and 1 HDMI cable is provided in the box and there is a joystick in bottom of it monitor which uses to go to setting tab.


LG QN600 is available in offline and also in online stores. You can buy this monitor in ₹19,990 or $229.99 (27 inch varient) and ₹22,990 or $249.99 (32inch varient) at Amazon.

Final Verdict

If i ignore ips glow and screen burn issue then this monitor is value for money. I recommend this monitor for office and normal users who don’t care color accuracy and refresh rate. This monitor is great for productivity as it has 27/32 inch 2k panel. I checked amazon and i found ips glow problem is only on 27 inch model and only on Indian unit. So if you are from India then i suggest you to go with 32 inch model, if you have tight budget then try 27 inch. If you got same problem and you irritate glow (like me) then return this 🙂


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