Infinity Fuze 700 Bluetooth Speaker In-Depth Review

Infinity Fuse 700

Are to planning to buy Infinity Fuze 700 Bluetooth speaker? Well in this post I will review this product and share my thought about this speaker. Infinity is a new brand launched in India that comes under Harman Kardon company. You guys also know that JBL is also a Harman Kardon product. This is a new product launched by Harman Kardon which has all functionality that JBL has. But at cost compare to JBL with Infinity is much less as you can’t aspect.

This time I had Infinity Fuze 700 which is a 20-watt Bluetooth speaker priced at 4999/- on India but you find this speaker around 3499/-. I am going to review this product and share my experience and issues with this product on this blog post.

Built Quality

No doubt, The built quality of Infinity Fuze 700 is excellent. The weight of this speaker is 705 grams. So, the weight of this product is high and this makes built quality cheaper. But this can’t change your decision to buy or not as weight distribution is good. So that you can’t feel that this device is heavy. Infinity Fuze 700 have all great feature which makes this to rigid. Speaker has IPX7 waterproof certified. And the look of this is not too bad but not too good also.

Sound Quality

As this is a Harman product, the sound quality of this speaker is excellent. Especially on this budget, I love its speakers. If you are a JBL fan then you can’t differentiate each other in the sound department. It has a dual equalizer and I like this feature. If you are a bass lover you can switch to the deep bass mode and if you like a normal voice then you can switch to normal mode. It is helpful for users and big games in order to make a decision to buy this product or not. And the last thing, if you buy this product I am confident that you fell love with the sound quality.


This speaker comes with many functionalities that impress me. Infinity Fuze 700 has dual equalizer which is the most beneficial and main feature of this speaker. It has all the port that we need but one that I don’t like that they provide USB port for charging. It funny that they are saying that this speaker used as a power bank also.No doubt this is a unique feature but do you need a 2600 mAh power bank. The answer is No, If they replace this feature with USB audio-in support then I will say that this will help many people. Moving to the next thing, all port and features are good.


The battery of Infinity Fuze 700 is average. It lasts up to 5-6 hours of nonstop playback at 90% volume. The charging time is also good. I used 5 volt – 2 Amp charger to charge this device and it takes up to 3-3.5 hours to fully charge the battery. As this is used as a power bank, I haven’t charged any device. I don’t know the performance of this power bank* on charging.

Overall Rating

Built Quality
Sound Quality
Battery Backup


Infinity Fuze 700 is an excellent speaker in this budget range. If you are planing to buy this product then you are right, the sound quality of this speaker is excellent. I would like to say that there were no difference in JBL and Infinity speakers sound quality. It has dual equalizer feature which is my most favorite feature on this speaker. But at high volume (100% volume) this has some on sound quality issues but that is ignorable.

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Which is best JBL or Infinity?

Both are a sub-brand of harman kardon. Both are good at their user segment. JBL focused on premiumness weather infinity is focused on user who have less budget but want good experience.

Infinity excels in making car speaker systems, JBL’s stock is more versatile.

Is Infinity a product of JBL?

Infinity is an exciting new addition to hugely popular consumer audio brand line up including JBL®, AKG®, Harman Kardon®, Revel® and Mark Levinson® from the house of HARMAN in India.

  1. I bout my Infinity Fuze 700 a year back but it has been replaced 4 times now but I am facing same issue every time when I increase volume above 50% it gives a distorted/ cracking sound and gets turned off. I am sick of replacing it again and again. Its a manufacturing fault. I spoke to customer care but they are like in warranty we can replace it but off warranty there is no solution for this as they state that this product cant be repaired. How come such big brands like Harman do this to their customers. I am frustrated after investing so much of money for this product and they don’t have any alternate solution also for this. Kindly help if anyone knows how to fix this.

    1. Infinity Fuze 700 and Infinity Clubz has battery BMS problem. There are only few units which haven’t this problem.

  2. Same issue I am also facing, in another way it can be said that Huge brand is making money by cheating customers. The company should take responsibility and replace the product with an upgraded model.

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